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Ijler Leather was built on a foundation of diligent attention to detail and unrivaled customer service. Founded as a custom order endeavor specializing in handmade luxury, Ijler has grown to producing a select assortment of items for everyday use, all handmade in the USA. Just because a product is used everyday, however, does not mean it need be pedestrian. All of our products are made from the finest materials, using traditional techniques, and, through their day-to-day use, we expect their relationship with the client to strengthen for years to come.

A Self-Taught Journey

Over many thousands of hours spanning a decade of service, our artisans have honed their abilities and fed their talent for leather working by constantly improving on their craft through rigorous study and practice. By working closely with each client and never sacrificing quality for expedience, Stone Creek Straps has built a reputation as one of the most well-respected, talented strap makers in the industry. Specializing in exotic, delicate materials, Stone Creek produces the highest caliber custom straps for the world’s finest watches.
Often regarded as perhaps the most difficult, complex field in the discipline, creating exceptionally custom watch straps demands a precise, extensive skill set and an unwavering attention to detail. A watch strap, at the highest level, is truly a microcosm of fine leather working.
As an extension of Stone Creek Straps, with the goal of furnishing a more diverse product offering, Ijler Leather was founded.

Craft / Measure / Realization

Our search for the finest materials led us to a centuries-old tannery in the South of France, from which we source our luxurious French goat. Long held as the ultimate in durable luxury, the alligator found throughout our collection is sourced directly from the American South. 
With each wallet, bag, and belt that we produce, Ijler realizes the continued mission of integrating the world’s finest leather with meticulous, measured craftsmanship. Although large-scale mass production has extended the industry to a wider audience, we get to know each product we construct by hand to ensure every client’s unique, complete satisfaction.

From refining every wallet’s edge finish, to twice measuring our signature gold stamp, only through meticulous attention to detail can we address every aspect of each product so that it meets the standards of quality which have informed our process from the very beginning.